/The X-117: AR of the future

The Gas Piston X-117 AR-15 System

X products X-117 AR15 side charging gas piston rifle

The X-117 Gas Piston Rifle: Highly functional badassery in one package.

            X-Products combined years of in-house R&D experience with the collective evolution of the AR-15 platform to create the penultimate refinement of Eugene Stoner’s rifle design, the X-117. The X-117 is built around an operating system that is both side charging and piston operated – a unique setup that offers every possible advantage to the end user. The short-stroke gas piston system features an adjustable block on two out of the three X-117 configurations, which include a 14.5” barrel carbine, a 16” barrel carbine and an 18.5” barrel Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). This system, by Superlative Arms, requires little maintenance and is highly durable. The adjustable gas block means that the X-117 can be optimized for suppressed operation. The side mounted charging handle is non-reciprocating – allowing positive control of the BCG when required with no risk of inadvertent injury or operator-induced malfunctions.


            Each rifle is equipped with a suite of the most advanced features available today. The handguard is free floating and M-LOK compatible. The 1:7 twist, match-grade barrel is rated sub-MOA and topped with a suppressor-compatible brake or flash hider. The single-stage trigger, from CMC Triggers, is also match-grade. The bolt carrier group is melonited for durability and ease of maintenance.  A San Tan Tactical receiver set provides fully ambidextrous controls. The pistol grip and foregrip feature advanced ergonomics, and the pistol grip is modular for maxim um comfort and control for the firing hand.

  X products X-117 AR15 side charging gas piston complete upper          Finally, internal geometry is optimized for use with X-Products high capacity drum magazines. The finished product is capable of being run with both large drums and suppressors, while offering higher reliability and requiring less maintenance than direct impingement counter-parts. It is fully ambidextrous and capable of sub-MOA accuracy out of the box. The X-Products X-117 is available as a complete rifle or complete upper for your existing lower. This collection of upgrades and features will ensure that anyone running an X-117 has the most accurate, reliable and highly evolved piston carbine available on the market today.X products X-117 AR15 side charging gas piston rifle

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