/X117 M4 Complete 18 Inch Upper for 5.56
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X117 M4 Complete 18 Inch Upper for 5.56


Product Description

X Products presents the X117, one of the first production side charging, non-reciprocating, piston driven uppers on the market.  Our X117 comes in a variety of options from our standard SCU to a M4 upper in both a 16 and 18 inch barrel. Every X117 comes with our 14.5” X Products Cobra Rail in M-LOK. The upper features a fully adjustable .750 piston gas system so that you can tune to your specific shooting needs; the pressure used in the block is reduced only to the amount required to drive the bolt carrier. The remaining gas/pressure is bled out of the block allowing the system to run much cleaner and cooler, while reducing felt recoil when shooting. The 16” 1/7 twist barrel is melonite coated and machined from 4150V chrome molly vanadium steel, with a socom profile and a mid-length gas system topped off with 1/2×28 threads. Our 18” SPR upper features a 1/7 twist barrel that is black shot peened. The 18” barrel is machined from high grade 416R stainless steel to insure accuracy in all conditions. It features a socom profile with a mid-length .750 gas block diameter and 1/2×28 threads as well. Both barrels are Sub MOA capable, shooter dependent*. Each upper comes suppressor ready with the Silencer Co. ASR break or flash hider to accommodate one of the most sold suppressors on the market. At the heart of the upper is an enhanced ion bonded bolt carrier topped off with a S7 steel NP3 coated Sharps Relia-Bolt and titanium firing pin. This high quality upper is designed to run at multiple rates of fire, in adverse conditions, suppressed and unsuppressed, through any ammo you can feed it all the while maintaining accuracy and dependability.

All complete uppers are built-to-order. Expect all complete uppers to ship within 10-14 days of payment.

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