KRISS Defiance AR Stock for AR15 & M16

MSRP: $54.95


Keep it simple with the Kriss Defiance AR Stock for AR15 & M16! This stock is simplicity at its finest. Designed to have all the features you want and need and none of the ones you don’t, this AR stock is designed to subtly impress.

It features a Quick Detach mount for slings and straps and can be adjusted to five different positions. The AR Stock is rounded along the buffer tube for ergonomic comfort and the end of the stock has a 1/4″ rubber pad to soften recoil. Whether you are standing, seated, crouched or prone, you will feel the difference a minimalist stock like this will afford you.

Constructed from rock-solid polymer, this stock is extremely strong while keeping the area below the buffer tube free of supports and other parts. This affords the operator more space behind the grip, virtually eliminating any likelihood of obstruction in the post-grip area.

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