XCM-9 Xtended Capacity Modular 9mm Magazine System

Due to a delay in manufacturing, this product will not be available to ship until mid-summer, 2019. If you are interested in purchasing the Glock Drum at that time or would like to be notified throughout the development phase of this product, please add your information to the form below. We appreciate your patience!

With great excitement, X Products is proud to release our XCM Xtended Capacity Modular 9mm magazine system.  With over a year of development the new XCM takes off where other drums are left behind. The fully modular 69-ish (modularity changes capacity) measures in at 5″ diameter, gives the shooter extended capacity and the ability to change magazine towers for a variety of configurations in 9mm, creating compact and aesthetically pleasing configuration. Currently manufactured almost entirely from billet machined 6061 aluminum., the new design brings many new innovations to 9mm drum magazine design, that greatly improve function, reliability and configurability.


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