AR Bolt for AR15 – Relia-Bolt™ Sharps Rifle Co

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The Relia-Bolt™, by Sharps Rifle Co, is the most reliable AR Bolt on the market. Redesigned from the ground up to eliminate bolt to barrel extension jams, the Relia-Bolt™ utilizes patented technology to provide smooth camming action. Say goodbye to jams!

Machined from S7 tool steel and heat treated to outlast other bolts, the Relia-Bolt™ provides a 75% increase in tensile strength and nearly 60% increase in yield strength. It is coated with an electroless nickel-based finish, adding a strong and unique self-cleaning corrosion resistance to the bolt. This makes it more resistant to corrosion in all environments – including marine environments. With the NP3® PLUS finish, this AR Bolt is up to five times more resistant to corrosion than other NP3® PLUS finishes and up to ten times more resistant than regular electroless nickel.

It is 100% compatible with all existing .223/5.56 bolt groups and carriers. Installation requires no additional tools or modifications.

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