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The X-117: AR of the future

The Gas Piston X-117 AR-15 System The X-117 Gas Piston Rifle: Highly functional badassery in one package.             X-Products combined years of in-house R&D experience with the collective evolution of the AR-15 platform [...]

SIDE-CHARGING AR’s: If it ain’t broke…

The Advantages of Non-Reciprocating Side Charging AR-15 Rifles For many shooters, the concept of a side-charging AR is unfamiliar. Some may not see the need, or advantage, of running a “non-standard” rifle. But the truth [...]

Can Cannon Acquitted by the BATF! New Can Cannon Design!

The Can Cannon has been officially acquitted by the BATF and is not considered a short barrel shotgun, short barrel rifle, or "any other weapon" when installing it on an AR-15 lower receiver. Our new [...]

Can Cannon Update: Sodagate 2015

Date: February 11, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Soda-gate Update: The Can Cannon Strikes Back Thank you to all our supportive customers and dealers that have been waiting patiently as we work through the final stages [...]

Grenade Launchers For The Maturity-Challenged Male by Guns Magazine

Maturity Challenged? We'll take that as a complement! Check out the new article by GunsMagazine.com, click here to read the full article

X Products High Capacity AR15 AR10 Drum Magazine Review

When X-Products introduced their drum magazines in late 2012, they asked the market “Who wants a robust 50-round drum magazine for their AR15 and AR10 platform rifles?” “Uhhh, yeah” said nearly every AR15/AR10 owner… and [...]


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