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Legalize Your Can Cannon in 3 Easy Steps!

The X Products Can Cannon is now 100% legal without a tax stamp with the newly designed gas port. We are offering the new BATF approved gas port free of charge to our existing customers. Simply follow the instructions below and we’ll mail you a replacement gas port! Note that you will need to pay the cost of shipping to us, we will pay for shipping the new gas port back to you. Click here to read the BATF approval letter


Step 1)

Log in to your account, or register for one here: https://xproducts.com/account . You must be logged in before proceeding to Step 2!

Step 2)

Complete the return authorization form at https://www.xproducts.com/can-cannon-gas-port-return-page/.

Step 3)

Print the Return Authorization From and ship it along with the old gas port to:

X Products

1110 W 17th Street

Vancouver, WA 98660


DO NOT send the entire Can Cannon unit, the only part that requires replacement is the actual gas port which is located inside the barrel. Simply unscrew the barrel from the upper receiver and pull the gas port from the upper receiver. X Products will ship you a BATF approved gas port within 2-3 weeks! Note that if you own multiple Can Cannons then you should send all your gas ports back in the same package.

Step 4)

Get involved in our Can Cannon video content! Once you receive your new gas port make sure to post some badass videos on Facebook and Instagram using #CanCannon

Stay tuned, we’ll be releasing the Grappling Hook and other Can Cannon accessories in the near future!


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