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Gunstruction is Live, Build Your AR-15 Online

Want to build an AR-15 of your dreams, but you’re scared to waste money on a learning curve? The future is here and it’s looking bright! GUNSTRUCTION allows you to build the AR-15 of your dreams with parts that interact with each other.

The new 3D site allows the user to build a virtual AR-15 from scratch using top industry manufactures parts that are designed to function with each other. The program saves the end user a large amount of time, research and energy by having a large selection of parts from various manufactures at the click of a button.

Each part has a description including weight, cost, manufacture, material and basic description, and after selection accumulates the data to the build so the end user can price out and weigh their firearm.

The futuristic system allows the user to see a representative 3D version of the gun that can be rotated 360 degrees vertically and horizontally with High Detail.

The system does take time to get used to and depending on the speed of internet may require some time to upload, however it’s every bit worth the wait. Within 30 minutes I had assembled the gun below, where I was pleased to see that our magazines the X-15 and X-15 skeletonized were in the system for the end users selection!

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