X-Products Magazines make it to the Video Game Call of Duty Black OPS II HAMR

By James Malarkey on Dec 09, 2012 at 09:19 AM in Featured Firearm Articles

HAMR Large File

By James Malarkey 12/09/2012 Snapshot from the game

About 6 days ago I had received a text from our marketing designer Damien Black at Mad Monkey Fire with a photo of a digital SCAR 17 H with a ridiculous compensator and our magazine.  At first I was unsure what I was seeing, so I scurried to the internet and did keyword search SCAR DRUM magazine.

My search led me to the HAMR on Call of Duty Black OPS II, a gun that is used in game play and multi-player mode.  What blew me away was the shape of the magazine and the operating wheel, it was identical to our magazine, and ironically it was our magazine.

HAMR Small File

Earlier in the year I had given several magazines to the guys at FPS Russia, (you know the famous youtube Russian that makes all the bad ass videos) while we were at a hog hunt in Texas.  I guess he had been working with the guys at Activision at the Bullpup shoot in Park City Kentucky where FPS was packing his Juggernaut Rogue Chassis M1A and Skeletonized Drum Magazine.  Somehow from their they were able to get a unit into modeling and into the game!

Xs-Products Magazines make It to the Video Game Call of Duty Black OPS II HAMR

FPS Russia At Bullpup Shoot with Rogue Bullpup, MIA and Skeletonized X-14

As cool as it is, there is some irony…  Of all the drum magazines we currently have released we do not have one on the market for the SCAR H.  However that's changing soon as HANDL Defense has just released the SCAR 25 lower which allows the owner to modify his gun to operate on SR-25 magazines and our X-25 drum magazine, so expect to see some SCAR 17 H’s with drum magazines very soon!  We can just call this the pre-release marketing.

Another noticeable flaw in the game is that the magazine packs 100 rounds of badassedness (it’s a word) when ours only has 50, but I’m not complaining.  We play video games to escape reality. 

With further research I found a variety of information covering the HAMR, below is a youtube video reviewing the gun and magazine.  

Even a facebook page dedicated to the gun, with the most awesome magazine in the world.


The publicity is great, but I imagine most players will not recognize the magazine. I’m just hoping they made the gun bad ass enough that everyone wants to use it, and eventually find out if it is real and purchase it, and a drum.

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Xs-25 magazine drums (2). Can you let me know if you've got them in stock. Looking for the ASAP.


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