Combat Handguns Reviews the PTR 91 PDW with X-91 Drum Magazine

By James Malarkey on Jul 12, 2012 at 10:12 PM in Featured Firearm Articles

dsc8546 The PTR-91 pistol is a precision roller-locked autopistol packing serious firepower with a magazine full of 7.62 NATO rounds.

I hear a frequent comment from instructors that a combat handgun’s primary function is to allow you the ability to fight your way back to your rifle. If the rifle malfunctions, swap to the handgun until you are out of danger and can clear the weapon. If you’re out of ammunition for your rifle, swap to the handgun until you can safely reload. The examples go on, so you get the idea. I’m not quite sure that weapons instructors would have the same attitude toward PTR Industries’ most recent pistol.

Based on the PTR-91 rifle, this weapon is basically a short-barreled 7.62mm NATO rifle without a buttstock. When you slap the bolt handle on this weapon, you have some serious firepower at the ready.

Over the past two decades, military and law enforcement personnel have learned that more firepower is typically an advantage in a rifle fight. Special Operations forces in Mogadishu, Somalia, found that the 5.56 NATO round wasn’t enough to drop a drug-crazed combatant in his tracks, but they weren’t the first.


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Steven Wilgus

The never ending and nauseating arguement on small/fast versus bigger/slower rounds keeps reappearing like Elvis sights. The truth is BIGGER is better. The .223/5.56 is a lower powered rifle round compared to the .308. The arguements abound: the bottom line is: will "it" stop the assailant fast enough? The .308 will. The 9mm VS .45/.40 rants also fall under this. The LE and Military I have talked with and served with all agree: the bigger bullets let them get home after the Shift/firefight. Dr. Fakler proved this a LONG time ago, and the re-animation of this continues to blight the fiel. The Military is NOW going BACK to the larger pistol round. 'nuff said.

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