About X Products

Formed by four gun loving Hillbilly’s with college educations.

A diverse group of innovative intoxicated nuts who developed an equivalent of coil (drum) nailer for super sweet destructive weapons, that kick ass.

MADE 100% in the USA, eat it china… and yes the lower case is for a reason.

Magazines and Products


AR-15 M-16 
Can Cannon
SCU Side Charged Upper
SCU Complete Uppers
Complete Uppers
Muzzle Devices
Assembly Tools

9MM Drum Magazines

     AR-15 X-15-9mm

.223 Drum Magazines

AR-15 X-15 .223
AR-15 X-15 Colored .223

.308 Drum Magazines

AR .308 X-25
M1A  X-14
HK-91  X-91
AR-10  X-10

Skeletonized Drum Magazines

AR-15 X-15 Skeletonized
AR-15 X-15-Skeletonized Colored
AR-15 X-15-S Chevron
AR-308 X-25 Skeletonized
M1A X-14 Skeletonized
FAL  X-FAL Skeletonized

X Magazine Pouches

Single Loop Pouch
Molle Pouch
Dual Drum Sling Pouch
Apocalypse Pack


     50 CAL. BALL
     50 CAL. API
     50 CAL. APIT

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