X Products manufactures and develops products that are built to withstand a lifetime of abuse, all products are therefore given a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers all products produced by X Products unless otherwise specified in the item description.

Literally we will back our products until the end of time, however there are some things our warranty will not cover: mishandling, poor maintanence, cracked parts from dropping, scratches, casting flash (it is cosmetic and does not affect function), and modifications that are beyond the factory's recommendations, as well as improper loading and incorrect ammunition use. The bottom line is "READ THE MANUAL."

The major item covered in the lifetime warranty, FUNCTION. The product is intended to function in almost any circumstance and is designed so you can depend your life on it. However you as a purchaser need to read the manual and learn how to correctly operate the device.

If you have a problem or Warranty issue please email us at [email protected] . We expect the client to give a brief description of the problem and the chance for us to work with them to rectify which.

Note on customer satisfaction, we would like all customers to be a 100% satisfied with our products. However fit may be an issue:

  • Every magazine should fit their respective rifle unless otherwise specified in the product description.
  • Some rifle manufactures have fluctuating tolerances that we cannot account therefore and those manufacturers are noted
  • If there is a fit issue that cannot be rectified by the video tutorial or factory representative than the purchaser may get a refund or store credit, this must be done within 30 days of the initial purchase date.

Magazines and Products


AR-15 M-16
Viper Rail System
Collapsible Stock
Can Cannon
SCU Side Charged Upper
SCU Assembled Uppers
Mil-Standard Uppers
Muzzle Devices
Assembly Tools

9MM Drum Magazines

     AR-15 X-15-9mm

.223 Drum Magazines

AR-15 X-15 .223
AR-15 X-15 Colored .223

.308 Drum Magazines

AR .308 X-25
M1A  X-14
AR-10  X-10

Skeletonized Drum Magazines

AR-15 X-15 Skeletonized
AR-15 X-15-Skeletonized Colored
AR-15 X-15-S Chevron
AR-308 X-25 Skeletonized
M1A X-14 Skeletonized

X Magazine Pouches

Malice Clip Pouch
Dual Drum Sling Pouch


     Blanks M200A 

     50 CAL. BALL
     50 CAL. API
     50 CAL. APIT

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